Vet's Best USA Natural Spot-On Flea Repellent for Dogs 6 x 1 ml Vials NEW

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  • Vet's Best Flea and Tick Spot-On Formula provides quick killing action and long-lasting control and repelling of fleas and ticks
  • Spot-On uses key, natural ingredients (clove leaf oil, thyme white oil, and cinnamon oil) with absolutely no pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil
  • Includes 3 -8 applications with a universal applicator for both small breed dogs and large breed dogs
  • Easily applies between your dog's shoulder blades for fast relief from fleas and ticks
  • Safe for use on dogs 12 weeks or older (see directions for proper application)

Product Description

Vet's Best Natural Formula Flea+Tick Spot-On for Dogs Vets Best Flea and Spot-On formula provides quick killing action and long-lasting control of fleas and ticks on dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older. The formula kills and repels fleas and ticks for up to one month, but can be applied as often as every two weeks. Depending on the size of your dog, one spot-on will last 3 applications to 8 applications. Features: Cost effective alternative to other flea & tick spot-on treatments Kills and repels fleas and ticks with natural botanical extracts Easily applied between shoulder blades with medicine dropper Contains absolutely no Pyrethrins or Cedar Oil Universal applicator works on any sized dog 3-month to 8-month supply; depending on dog size Item Specifications: Size: 0.6 oz Application Rate: Small Dogs / Under 15lbs: 2 ml (2 droppers full) Medium Dogs / 15-40lbs: 3.5ml (3.5 droppers full) Large Dogs / Over 40lbs: 5 ml (5 droppers full) Active Ingredients: Clove Leaf Oil 7.5% Thyme White Oil 2.5% Cinnamon Oil 2.5% Inert Ingredients* 87.5% *Isopropyl Myristate, Vanilla