Tropiclean USA Berry Breeze (Berry Fresh) Pet Cologne Spray 236 ml

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  • Helps condition your pet’s coat and reduces static.
  • Leaves behind a soft and light, long-lasting baby powder scent.
  • Paw-fect to use in between baths to help keep your pet fresh.
  • Soap-free spray won’t affect flea treatments.
  • Helps break down odors; eliminating urine, outdoors, skunk, and other unfriendly smells.

Product Description

TropiClean Berry Breeze Deodorizing Pet Spray is sporting a new style, so you may remember it as our Berry Fresh pet cologne. Berry Breeze Pet Spray adds extra freshness to your pet’s coat after bathing or between baths. In addition to giving your pet a signature scent with a tropical fragrance that lasts for days, Berry Breeze conditions your pet’s coat and reduces static.

Berry Fresh helps your pet look and smell like they’ve just been bathed. For use on dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits and other small animals.


Purified water, organic blend of (raspberry extract, pomegranate extract, aloe extract, blueberry extract, mango extract), odor neutralizer, fragrance, hydrolyzed plant protein, vitamin E.