Trixie Germany Playing rod with mouse plush 50 cm NEW

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by ABK
Type: Cat Store

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  • Keeps your kitten or cat active 
  • Gives your pet a playful activity 
  • It is used as a perfect exercise for over obesity cats
  • Attractive items used as balls and feathers that any cat would love to play with it 
  • It has long handle to control the activities by the owner

Product Description

The playing wooden stick with plush mouse is the perfect teaser toy. This looks like a fishing rod, which has a mouse attached at one end and it makes a noise every time your cat presses it. This is an interactive toy and will give you quality time with your pet. This will entice the cat to jump and catch the toy, which is dangling from one end. This can be the perfect exercise for the obese cats. You can dusted with catnip as this will attract the cat towards the toy.