Trixie Germany Catnip Play Spray 50 ml

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  • Product type: Catnip spray
  • Weight: 50 ml
  • Stimulates playful behaviour
  • Spray on toys, teasers, scratches and cat condos.
  • Designed to attract your cat's natural thoughts, so they are fun with a purpose.
  • Catnip spray stimulates playful behavior and reduces exclusion and euphoria in most cats due to the aroma of the plant extract involved.

Product Description

The Catnip Spray Stimulates Playful Behavior And Causes Exhilaration And Euphoria In Most Cats Due To The Scent Of The Plant Extracts It Contains. Depending On The Cat's Character, It Can Also Encourage Some Cats To Calm Down And Wish To Cuddle. Because Cats Do Respond To Catnip, Again And Again, The Herb Can Be A Powerful Training Aid. Sprinkle A Little Off The Herb On Kitty's Cushion To Make It More Attractive To Your Feline Friend.