Trixie Germany Barney Blanket

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  • Product Type: Blanket for dogs
  • Material: fleece (polyester)
  • Protects furniture from dirt and pet hair
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers, a high washing temperature of 60°C kills off dust mites and better removes skin flakes and pollen.
  • Measurement: 150 × 100 cm

Product Description

Whether a short break or deep sleep, we provide you and your dog a large choice of cushions, beds and blankets, along with dog baskets or cuddly caves. Everything in various shapes and colors, sizes and designs. There, every dog can find a favorite spot and can relax and rest. When you go on tour, we have handy travel blankets that can be rolled up small and need little space. Such a blanket means a small bit of home for your dog when on tour.