Savic Belgium Trotter 2 Pet Carrier 22x15x13 inch

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  • Product type: Pet carrier
  • Suitable for cats and dogs up to 7kg
  • Meets IATA standards
  • Suitable for 1 pet at a time
  • Ensure your pet has room to sit, stand and sleep comfortably within
  • Check to see that it meets the specific regulations of your transporter or airline
  • Dimensions: 56 cm x 37.5 cm x 33 cm

Product Description

Designed to suit IATA standards, the Savic Trotter 2 Pet Carrier is great way to keep your pet safe on a journey. It can be used for any type of travel including air travel. Air vents ensure there is enough air circulation as does the metal door. Suitable for one pet at a time. The handle on top adds to convenience.

Note To make the carrier more comfortable for your pet, cover the hard floor with a soft crate mat, and add a toy that your pet loves and can play with to keep busy.