Savic Belgium Figaro Oval Cat Litter Tray + Rim 22" Cold Grey

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by ABK
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  • Product type: Litter tray for cats
  • With a high rim to keep litter inside
  • Rim can be removed for cleaning
  • Lowered entrance for ease of use
  • Plenty of space thanks to oval shape
  • Modern, sleek design

Product Description

The Savic Figaro litter tray is designed for functionality and has an oval shape so your cat has plenty of room. The high rim keeps litter inside the tray and your space neat. The rim can be removed when your cleaning the tray. This Figaro litter tray was purposely designed with a lowered entrance so young kittens and senior cats could easily get in and out.

Tip: Remember that cats are particular about cleanliness and will not use the tray if it is not clean. So it is best to check on it and scoop up clumps at least once or twice a day.