Pedigree Professional Weight Management Adult Dog Food 3Kg

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by Effem
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  • The products in this range combine high quality ingredients with the science developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM - a world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition
  • EXPERT NUTRITION to protect dogs from obesity
  • Special ingredient that helps to burn the fat in your pooches
  • Specially made for those cute little small breed dogs who tend to gain weight easily. Also meant for labs along with seniors & neutered dogs

Product Description

Pedigree Professional Range Weight management is a premium nutrition for dogs prone to weight gain so that your furry ball can maintain a healthy body weight for a quality life. Various factors like how much your dog enjoys activity, its life style ,age and gender and also a temptation to overfeed may lead to canine obesity. So ,Pedigree professional weight management takes care that your pooch maintains just the right weight to enjoy a happy healthy life