Me-O Kitten Food Chicken Chunk in Gravy 80gm

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by Me O
Type: Cat Food

Me-O Kitten Cat Food, Chicken Chunks in Gravy is formulated from high-quality meat for providing greater taste and health. It is an adequate protein content offered by chicken meat for supporting overall growth and development. This low-sodium formula helps decrease the risks of high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease in cats.


  • Delicious blend of chicken meat in gravy.
  • Chicken Chunks in Gravy is a fantastic food which is highly palatable and even loved by the picky eaters.
  • Chicken Chunks in Gravy contains Vitamin C which boosts cat’s immune system and helps reduce the detrimental effects of stress on your cats health.
  • Can be added extra to dry food to make it more exciting for your kittens.