HowBone Calcium Bone Milk Flavour 270Gm (30 In 1)

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  • HowBone Calcium Milk Bone is suitable for dogs of all breeds 1 months onwards.
  • It helps in maintaining strong bones and muscles, improves digestive problems and cleans teeth.
  • The protein abundant milk bones, when chewed, assist in rubbing off the tartar and plaque formation from the teeth and gums of the puppy, facilitating the incoming of fresh breath.
  • Calcium contributes towards the health of bones and teeth of the dog. It is suitable for dogs of all breeds 2 months onwards.

Product Description

HowBone Calcium Milk Bone gives the opportunity to your dog to healthily engage their chewing tendency. The bones are rich in protein, and also provide an additional source of calcium to the body. Chewing on the milk bones, gives dental benefits by rubbing off the plaque and tartar formation from the teeth and gums of the dog. Removal of the disease causing bacteria also brings fresh breath. Howbone calcium milk bone is suitable for all dogs breeds 2 months onwards.