Gnawlers Wang Wang Stick 80Gm

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  • Helps to clean teeth and freshen breath
  • High protein low fat
  • An edible and great tasting dog snack that freshens breath while cleaning teeth
  • It provides high quality, complex minerals
  • This is a high fiber, high nutrition bone and a guilt free treat
  • Protein treat

Product Description

Gnawlers Dog Treats Puppy Snack Stick Bacon Flavour 8 In 1 80 Gm is a healthy snack which has been created keeping in mind dog’s distinct nutritional needs. It consists of high-quality, balanced & easily digestible ingredients which work to support the general well-being of the canine. Gnawlers dog chew treats promote the health of skin & coat. Chewing on them would also improve the dental health of the dog. A healthy chewing alternative, these chew sticks are sure to be loved by your pet.


Farina, Whey Protein, Lactose, Plant Extract, Organic Trace Elements, Taurine, Dietary Fibers, Multi-vitamins, Calcium Carbonate, Emulsified Fats, Natural Flavour, Food Colourants, Glycerin, Sodium Caseinate.