Flexi Germany New Classic Neon Reflect Tape 5m Large Max 50kg

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  • Product type: Automatic retractable leash for dogs
  • Reflective
  • Chrome snap hook
  • Extending leash can be paused
  • Length can be locked at any time
  • 5 m max. length
  • Msize  dogs up to 20 kg up to 50 kg
  • It is not recommended that you leave it long in high traffic areas

Product Description 

Perfect for a long walk with your pet, the Flexi New Neon Reflect Tape is convenient to use. Automatic retraction ensures that no extra tape trips your pet up. The neon sticker enhances visibility in low light conditions. When the tape has extended to the desired length you can stop the extension by pressing the button and even lock it in place.

  • S-Hold Upto 15 kg dogs
  • M-Hold Upto 30 kg dogs
  • L-Hold Upto 50 kg dogs

Tip: Dogs also tend to get bored of the same old walk routes so every now and then, do change the route you take to walk your dog.