Farmina Vetlife Struvite Dog Food

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by Farmina
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  • 1st all-natural veterinary therapeutic diet for dogs
  • Calcium Sulphate controls pH and dissolves crystals
  • Reduced content of magnesium limits the formation of urates
  • Low content of proteins, but of high biological value, reduces urea rising in the organism
  • Reduced content of phosphorus helps to maintain serum phosphate levels and inhibits uroliths formation
  • Reduced content of calcium
  • Contains only natural antioxidants, thus allowing a natural preservation of the product
  • Low Glycemic index food, which modulate perfectly the postprandial glycemic response
  • Packed in protective atmosphere to avoid fats oxidation and preserve freshness of the product
  • Without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Developed in collaboration with the chair of Nutrition & Animal Feeding at the University “Federico II” of Naples

Product Description

Dissolution of struvite calculi and reduction of relapses of struvite calculi. Urine acidification. Farmina Vet Life Struvite is a complete dietetic food for dogs formulated to dissolve struvite calculi and to reduce relapses of struvite calculi.

Additional calcium sulphate creates and maintains an acid pH which helps the dissolution and inhibits the neo-formation of struvite. Furthermore, it creates an unfavourable environment to the bacterial proliferation. The low concentration of proteins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium contained by Vet Life Struvite creates an unfavourable situation to the aggregation and the crystals precipitation.

Recommended for

  • Struvite uroliths