Farmina Matisse Lamb Mousse Wet Cat Food 85Gm

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by Farmina
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Product Description

Matisse Lamb Mousse is a complete diet for adult cats that contains Italian Lamb that are grown in the open (with diet made without GMO), thus the raw material have high protein contain that makes the digestibility rate upto 95%. It contains Taurine that help in improving eyesight. Matisse Lamb Mousse contains Vitamin E that helps in improving skin and Fur. It contains various vitamin and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Copper sulfate pentahydrate etc that helps in improving overall growth.

  • Feed an adult cat (3-5 kg) with up to three cans per day, in two or more meals. Offer the food at ambient temperature. When opened keep it in the fridge and use it within 48 hours. Net weight/Best before date/ Lot N°/Factory registration number: see on package.
  • Suitable For – All Breeds.
  • Life-stage Complete and balanced food formulated for adult cats.
  • Storage: To be refrigerated once opened and consumed within 48hr

Ingredients Chicken, lamb (5%), herring, lamb liver, hydrolysed animal protein, rice, vitamins, minerals.