Puppy Dog, Mouse & Birds Drinking Bottle 250ml

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  • Leak-proof nozzle: our pet water bottle has a completely leak-proof nozzle to prevent water leakage. It helps prevent any floor dripping or moisture on the pet cage floor. Stainless steel drinking heads will never rust and will not pollute the water anyway
  • Safe: non-toxic material, it keeps the water fresh without any unpleasant irritating odour. It is also suitable for your angry cat or dog because they can drink water from the nozzle without letting their face and fur get wet. Ability is 250 ml
  • Easy to use: the stainless steel drinking head of the bottle has a small ball that allows your pet to drink easily without too much effort. The nozzle size is suitable for cats, puppies, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs and small dogs
  • Made of plastic material without BPA, it provides the best care for your pet. Its stainless steel tube has springs in the pipe, unlike other bottles, they won't hurt your pet's mouth. Due to the rust-proof material of the pipe, the product is also very durable

Product Description

A pet water bottle your little furry pal will love: don't worry, this great automatic drinking water feeder bottle/drinker will ensure your little friends always have access to all the water they need, without making a mess in their cages and crates