Dog's Day Multigrain Adult Dog Biscuit 1kg

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  • These biscuits are made with the goodness of multigrain and oats so that your pet can get a healthy treat in a delicious way
  • These biscuits contain fiber and protein which are essential for your pet’s health and growth
  • Multigrain and oats are a good source of fiber which helps to improve digestive system, so that your pet will always remain active
  • The great digestive system helps to eliminate many of the health problems keeping your beloved pooch healthy all the time
  • Multigrain and oats add a delicious flavor in these biscuits which surely go to uplift your pet’s mood

Product Description

Improve the overall health of your dog by giving it these highly digestible Dog's Day Multigrain and Oats biscuits. These biscuits are made with utmost care to promote a healthy digestive system of your pooch. Made with handpicked doggie-approved ingredients of Multigrain and Oats refined & wheat flour, liquid glucose these biscuits are enriched with protein and calcium. Multigrain and Oats contain high fibre which helps to increase cellulose, keeping the digestive system fit. With quality, these biscuits have added flavours, edible colours, edible vegetable oil, salt & sugar which give it a mouthwatering taste. The present protein & calcium helps to boost the immune system of your dog as well as strengthens the bones & teeth. Every bite of these biscuits is filled with the flavour of Multigrain and Oats which is definitely going to drool your dog. These biscuits are an ideal and super healthy way to treat your dog or to reward during the training session.