Catnjoy Adult Ocean Fish All Breed

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  • Contains high natural fiber that helps remove hairballs, reduce vomiting, lessen constipation and helps the body to absorb nutrients effectively
  • Essential fatty acid of DHA type from fish oil, It helps support brain function, promote learning capabilities and reduce clogged arteries
  • Amino acid that is essential for cats, It helps take care of the heart, maintain good eyesight and enhance visibility

Product Description

Catnjoy Ocean Fish flavour deliciously fragrant, crunchy, full of Catnjoy Ocean Fish flavor that is not only super delicious complete nutrition while also receiving full benefits because it contains MOS to support microbes that will help stop the growth of bacteria that are harmful to cats strengthen the immune system. Hair ball management to get rid of the problem of clogged hair follicles. And also rich in DHA that nourishes the brain including omega 3 and 6 from salmon are nutritious, complete in this way.