Bio Clean Aloevera Shampoo for Dog & Cat 200ml

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  • It is Ideal for all breed Dogs, Puppies & Cats.
  • Pet Needs Bio Clean Aloevera Shampoo is All Natural, Free of Sulfates & Parabens.
  • This Pet shampoo is Natural Therapy for Dry, Itchy or Sensitive Skin.
  • It is clean & Deodorize your pet.
  • Directions— Apply to dog's carefully Avoid contact with eyes and mouth of your pet. Rub well into the skin, massage gently.

Product Description

Shampoo is formulated to make your pets coat silky and more manageable. helps to add luster and strengthens damaged coats. Direction : Brush the knots out of hair before you bath your dog. plug the ears & apply appropriate quantity of shampoo . Avoid contact with eyes & mouth of your pet, Rub Well in to the skin, massage gently for few minutes and rinse thoroughly making sure that you remove all the shampoo. remove the ear plugs & Brush out the hair. Ensure that pet does not lick the body until coat is completely dry.