Beaphar Shampoo Tea Tree Oil Dog/Cat - 250ml

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Beaphar Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a vital product that contains Tea Tree oil which cleans and soothes the irritated and sensitive skin by increasing the ph-level and thus, reduces itching. It moisturizes and softens the skin and fur and hence, making the fur smooth and shinny. Beaphar Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a non-irritant shampoo that moisturises skin and soothes irritation caused by insect bites, fleas and grazes. It also prevents skin from flaking. Suitable for both Dogs & Cats above 12 weeks.


  • Anti-dandruff, Anti-fungal, Allergy Relief.
  • The shampoo is hygnic, fresh and clean.
  • Suitable for both Dogs & Cats above 12 weeks.
  • Healthy skin and hair. Your pets fur will be smooth and shiny!
  • Soothes skin irritation and reduces itching. Your pet will be itch – free!
  • Tea tree oil has been known to the Australian aborigines as an excellent treatment
  • Also soothes irritation caused by insect bites and prevents the skin from flaking

Direction to Use: Wet your dog’s coat with luke warm water. Massage the shampoo into the coat until it lathers, taking care to avoid the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Rinse and repeat as required. Dry the coat well.