Bags On Board USA Hand Armor 2X Extra Thick Pick-Up Bags 100 Handle-Tie Bags NEW

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  • Easy tie handles for quick pick-up
  • Large and extra wide bags for all pet sizes
  • Scented or unscented
  • Odor and moisture locking

Product Description

When the going gets yuck, get Bags on Board Extra Thick Hand Armor Dog Waste Bags! Twice as thick as our regular waste bags, these poop holders trap in more odor and reduce the tactile sensation of handling your doggy’s doo. Think of them as oven mitts, protecting your hand from a stinky little yuck cake your beloved fur baby cooked up. At 7 by 15 inches, Hand Armor has ample room for all the messy your canine can muster, with handle ties for quick and easy closure.


  • 2X THICKER THAND STANDARD BAGS: Hand Armor extra thick bags are built to reduce the unpleasant sensation of picking up dog poop.
  • STRONG AND LEAKPROOF- Bags are made with durable material to hold any mess and 100% leak-proof.
  • LARGE CAPACITY- 7 x 15 inches of space hold all the stinky Fido can muster, with handle ties for quick and easy tying
  • ANTI-YUCK PROTECTION – These extra thick dog poop bags with Anti-Yuck Protection also traps in more odor.
  • EASY PULL & GO DISPENSING- Arm yourself with 100 extra thick poop bags that open easily with one hand and come in an easy pull and go dispensing box.