Aroma Tree Aroma Tree 2 in 1 Deodorant Lemon Grass 200 ml

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  • Lemongrass scented pet deo spray with antibacterial properties
  • Eliminates bad odour and imparts a refreshing fragrance
  • Infused with natural aromatic extracts as key ingredients
  • Non-toxic formula that is safe for your home
  • Safe even if ingested or licked by your furry friends
  • Keeps your pet feeling fresh and adorably fragrant

Product Description

Aromatree 2 in 1 Lemongrass Deodorant Spray contains a natural plant extract, essential oils and is available in several exciting fragrances. It eliminates all kinds of doggy smells instantly and provides long lasting freshness. It does not affect the olfactory senses of your pet and is completely non-toxic even if ingested by licking body parts. Its unique 2 in 1 formula not only deodorizes the pet but also imparts several wellness benefits such as insect/parasite repellency, calming, relaxing and anti-bacterial. It is pH balanced, cleansing allergen free and keeps your pet fresh, fragrant and healthy.

Aromatree 2 in 1 Lemon Grass Deodorant spray for pets is a strong lemongrass scented fragrance which eliminates bad odour and imparts refreshing aroma. It keeps your pets clean, fresh, fragrant, healthy and happy. The key ingredients of this deodorizing spray are based on natural plant extracts that are non-toxic and safe to use in kitchens and homes. Aromatree Pet Deo Sprays have antibacterial properties and offer long lasting freshness as they neutralize odour causing molecules.

How to use

Spray liberally all over your pet and rub it into the fur and skin if required. Do not spray into mouth, eyes or wounded skin.


Natural plant extract, natural essential oils, fragrance oils, denatured ethyl alcohol, emollients, natural preservatives and purified water.

  • Flavor: Lemongrass
  • Quantity: 200 ml