Farmina Vetlife Gastrointestinal Feline Formula Cat Wet Food 85gm

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  • The quality of the products used ensures high digestibility of the diet
  • MOS and FOS are prebiotics supporting the proper development of intestinal bacterial flora and absorption of nutrients
  • Soluble fiber allows to restore normal intestinal motility
  • Omega-3 fatty acids belong to the essential unsaturated fatty acids that work anti-inflammatory and protect the intestinal mucosa
  • Vitamins and electrolytes restore homeostasis after long-term diarrhea

Product Description

Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal is a complete diet cat food designed to combat acute intestinal absorption disorders. It supports convalescence due to the increased content of electrolytes and highly digestible.

Farmina Vet Life "Natural Diet" cans - this is a dietary line of comprehensive wet food. Created from the best natural ingredients, which after free heat treatment were homogenized. The product is in the form of a soft pate, which guarantees full nutritional value in every bite.