Trixie Germany Target Stick 14-65 cm

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  • With integrated clicker
  • Retractable from 14-65 cm
  • With nose-friendly ball
  • Belt clip with adjustable nylon cord
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds
  • Available in assorted colors will be send on the basis of the availability

Product Description

The 'Target Stick' with an integrated Clicker is an excellent aid for training and teaching your pet. The 'Target Stick' can be used regardless of age; it is as effective for puppies as for fully grown animals. You can use the 'Target Stick' for a variety of exercises to challenge your dog, cat, rabbit or bird. The stick serves as an extension of your arm and is particularly useful with smaller animals. Details: made of plastic for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds ideal aid for training and teaching effective due to the special signal method ball at the end of the stick is easy to see and 'nose-friendly' includes booklet with training tips The booklet includes tips for training.