Trixie Germany 2 Balls on a Rope Sisal with Bell

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  • APT FOR FRISKY FELINE- Trixie Two Balls on Sisal Rope is a toy apt for frisky felines. It comes with a bell inside the balls that adds up entertainment.
  • NON-TOXIC - This toy for cats is made with Sisal rope, a fibre made from the sisal plant that makes it non-toxic and safe for your felines.
  • BRINGS OUT NATURAL HUNTING INSTINCTS- This toy comes with two balls that act as a teaser and brings out the natural instincts of hunting in cats.
  • FITS IN THE MOUTH- This cat toy fits in the mouth of your feline easily and helps in removing tartar and plaque from the teeth.
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE- This plaything is made of Sisal Rope which is both comfortable and durable for cats to play for a 14long time.
  • Note- Available in assorted colors will be send on the basis of availability.

Product Description

Trixie Two Balls on Sisal Rope is a cat toy that is perfect for your frisky feline. It is a toy that consists of two balls attached by a rope. All made from Sisal.

Your cat will be busy for hours playing with this toy. It will also bring out the hunting instinct in your cat. The bell sound adds to the fun!

This cat toy is made up of Sisal rope, a natural fibre that makes it completely safe for felines and is also durable, which is an added benefit. This toy will keep your feline engaged for longer hours.

If you have an energetic cat who loves to play then this is the perfect toy for your cat to expend that extra energy!