Petsport USA Mouse Ball 1PK 5 cm

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by ABK
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  • Mouse Balls have extra-thick natural rubber walls which give added durability and bounce
  • Cats love the realistic tail
  • Non-abrasive polyester felt - won’t wear down teeth
  • Certified Non-toxic material
  • High strength toy for your cat
  • Additional catnip attracts the cat to the toy
  • This looks and tastes like a real mouse
  • Perfect to carry and toss around

Product Description

The mouse ball cat toy is shaped like a mouse and the catnip on it makes it an attractive toy for the cat. It is basically a tennis ball which has a mouse print on it also having a wagging tail at the end which keeps the cat busy. This toy also smells like a mouse.

Why do cats love Mouse Balls? Mouse Balls are Catnip-dipped mini tennis balls with an Easy Drag Tail made of real fur. Cats love the scent of animal fur and that scent combined with the Catnip and jingle bells inside the ball drive cats wild!