Intersand Odourlock Calming Breeze Cat Litter 12Kg

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  • The same OdourLock with a fresh and relaxing new fragrance called "Calming Breeze".
  • The fragrance is honeysuckle, a plant known for its clamming properties.
  • The fragrance is selected by our panel of veterinarians with well - being of a cat in mind.
  • The fragrance is activated only when it comes in contact with humidity, such as cat urine.
  • Without moisture, the dry litter releases very little fragrance. Litter is not meant to be an air freshener!

Product Description

Odourlock's calming breeze super fast clumping feature makes scooping easier and cuts down on the amount of litter you use ( 45% less/year). Made with 100% pure clay, it is 99.9 % dust free, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for you and for your pet!

Note You should never flush clumping litter as it can cause blocks. Scoop up the clumps and toss them in the bin instead.