Trixie Germany Universal Dirt Bag/Toy Holder 14 × 4 cm Black NEW

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  • No need to carry the full bag in your hand
  • For used and unused dog dirt bags
  • Easy to attach to leash or e.g. to handle of retractable leash
  • Fast removal of bag without opening knot
  • Material : Silicone; Package Include 2 Pcs

Product Description

Trixie Universal dirt bag/toy holder

Dog owners are asked to remove dog faeces in public spaces. We offer a large variety of dog dirt bags for this. The bags are available in various sizes, colours and designs. With or without fragrance. The bag rolls are easy to store in our dog dirt bag dispensers which can be attached to the leash. That way a bag is always at hand. The dispensers also come in various shapes, colours and made of various materials.