You might get worried by your cat’s changed behavior, not knowing what your feline companion is trying to convey. Although, cats may seem to be mysterious creatures but it is not difficult to understand what they are trying to communicate once you learn to decipher their postures and body language. Cats are no doubt, a great-conversationalists and have a lot to tell. Cats tend to communicate in a lot of ways through their body language to convey their message to the owner.

Though, people may think it as alien concept to understand cat’s body language but it is not the case. Cats tend to communicate through various body postures to communicate which you can easily understand in no time.

Cats use their tail in a number of ways to convey how they are feeling. For example, their tail up means they are happy and in a cheerful mood. Through tail down they try to communicate that they are scared. A wagging tail conveys that the cat is agitated and should be left alone.


Another way to know about your feline’s mood is by observing cat’s ears. A cat’s ears forward convey her playful mood whereas its ears straight up, means that the cat is alert.

No doubt, cats have the most beautiful eyes and these eyes tells a lot about how your cat is feeling. Don’t get amused by the slow blinking of the cat. It shows that your cat truly adores you. The dilated pupils of feline show its excitement. If combined with aggressive gestures, it may also indicate that your cat is scared. The constricted pupils show that she is either tensed or aggressive.

So, it is definitely possible to communicate and understand your cat’s feelings even when you both speak different languages. You just need to look out for the small yet significant clues that your cat is giving to you and make your bond stronger with your feline friend.