Life of a cat is different than all of us, they have a different outlook towards everything all together. They are cool and mysterious, naturally graceful and elegant, spend most of their time sleeping and getting attention, and don't seem to care what anyone else thinks of them. What's not to strive for? Needless to say, when I look at a cat, I see a clearly superior being, but what do cats think when they look at us?


Well, according to some experts, cats might think humans are cats, too. Bigger, clumsier cats, sure — but cats nonetheless.

Understanding your cat’s body language and determining what cat’s thinking may start with:

  • Tail –When the tail is resting, your cat is chill. If you notice him or her flinging it about, chances are your cat is irritated by something. When the tail is vertical, your cat is happy, at peace, or evenready to play. When the tail is tucked between the hind legs, he or she is anxious or fearful.
  • Eyes – If a staring contest between you and your cat ends with a long, slow blink, it means “I love you”. Eyes half-closed might complement the kneading action, purring, and snuggling. When dilated and focused, your cat is ready for action.
  • Ears – When pinned back, your cat is not feeling it. This can occur when your cat is overstimulated, such as when being over-petted or when stressed.


Purring only means happiness, in fact, it can also indicate stress, fear, or pain. Keep an eye out for illness or injury, and be prepared in the case of an emergency.

Cats scratch to annoy people. Wrong again! Cats need to act out this primal instinct that gives them great pleasure and relief. Install a sturdy scratching post and let your cat have at it.


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