Festivals cannot be fun until you include your dog. Christmas is one such day when you and your can together celebrate the best time of the year. Although managing a Christmas tree and all those preparations can be a little difficult to do but with little tips you can rock this Christmas with your furball.

The smell of all the good food can be tempting for your pooch to resist. With these things in mind, you can give possibly the best Christmas to your pooch!

  •  Homemade treats

Dogs just love treats and Christmas is perhaps the best time to enjoy treats. You can follow some dog recipes to feed the beast of delicacies to your pooch. It can also be the best time to bond with your dog over food.

  • Adding a bit of accessory

Dressing up is the best part of Christmas. You can involve your dog more on the occasion by just adding little bows and collars while dressing him up.

  • Getting clicked together

Photos are the most important part of a holiday. They will always remind you of the fun times that you guys spent together as a family. So be ready to fill your albums with all the lovely pictures.

  • Christmas carols

Even if you’re not brave enough to venture outside to sing Christmas carols, you can enjoy them at home. You can sing together like a family.

  • Gifts

Gifts are not just about surprises they are a way to bond with your dog. Dogs are so full of excitement and joy already, and seeing them enjoy a special new toy or treat is such a magnificent moment of bliss. Christmas gifts for dogs are one of the most fun things you can shop for this holiday season.

  • Christmas meet and greet

The celebration is not just about having your dog it's about including your dog in the celebration. Have your dog greets guests at the door and welcome them in for the Christmas celebration. A warm, happy hello from a dog in a festive outfit will set the fun, holiday mood for guests right from the start. 

Involve your pooch as much as you can and try to make it the best festival for him. In the end, it's all about making memories and spending good quality time with your family.