Walking is one of the best exercises for both humans and animals. Most people don’t realize how important is walking for their pets, especially dogs. Studies show that walking your dog three times a week can decrease your weight by 5% and your dog’s weight by 15 %. So, stop being a couch potato and stop making your dog one and get up and start walking. To motivate you we have listed 5 benefits of walking your dog every day.

  1. Strengthens Your Bond.

Walking with your dogs can help you spend some quality time with your dog. A 30-minute walk every day will help you build a trust relationship with your dog. Moreover, walks are very important to build your dog behaviour to the outside world.

  1. Improves Socialization.

Walks are the best way for you and your dog to witness the world together. Go to places you have never been, take the road less travelled and it will make all the difference. You don’t even know what you have been missing out.

  1. Weight Control.

As mentioned above walks are very good for you and your dogs’ weight. Having a good walk every day will keep you and the dog in shape year long.

  1. Decreases loneliness.

Walking all alone for humans and sitting all alone for pets can be really lonely. Walking with your dog can help reduce loneliness for both of you.

  1. Mental Health.

Dogs don’t like to get bored and walking every day makes them tired and thus reduces their destructive behaviour inside the house. As the dog is already tired and happy, it will be easier for you to take care of them.

Waling your dog every day is really important but your dog can only remain healthy enough to walk if you take care of him/her properly. BonBeno is a pet care store that has all the products that you will need to take care of your dog.