Buying gifts for people is boring, but buying the best gifts for your cat can be something you both get to enjoy. There’s nothing quite like seeing their little faces light up as you unwrap a new toy in front of them. It can be difficult to know what toys are best to get a good reaction from your cat, so we’ve done some of the legwork for you.

Cocoon Bed

100% wool keeps your furry friend nice and cozy in this cute cat bed. It’s a perfect hideaway for the cat that loves to sit where they fit and hunker down in boxes. Plus, this cat bed features adorable petal details that make your cat the flower they deserve to be.

Cat Feeder

Cats haven’t got the memo that food is meant to be eaten and not played with. If your kitty friend tends to fling, splash, and scoot their food all over the floor, consider this raised dish and food bowl. It’ll keep the mess down.

Fancy Cat Collar

Hollywood awaits the stylish cat with a sophisticated cat collar. This cat collar has a breakaway design to keep cats safe. Plus the tiny bell lets you hear your cat as they trot down the hall to cuddle.

Stylish Cat Toys

Cats love to play and they have a knack for demolishing toys. These toys are made from high quality materials and makes for a good time to toss around on a boring day.

Cat Tree

Climb, scratch, and perch on this durable cat tree! Cats typically love finding a spot off the ground to hang out and watch their humans. Give your four legged friend the best gift ever.