• Purring doesn’t always mean the same.

Purring can signify satisfaction, but it can also mean your cat is in pain, nervous, or is just trying to manipulate you into feeding him. 


  • Water is love and life.

Cats don’t have the same drive to hydrate themselves as other animals because their wild ancestors got the majority of their liquid through their food. To make sure your cat is adequately hydrated—a challenge, to be sure that they eat: serve them wet food and high-water-content frozen treats, such as ice cubes made from no-salt beef stock. (Of course, make sure plenty of fresh clean water is always available.


  • Meowing at you ONLY!

Kittens meow for their mother’s attention, but adult cats rarely use meows to communicate with other cats—which means if your cat is meowing, pay attention and try to understand your cat.

  • Let’s stay inside!

Cats are historically wild, outdoor animals, but with domestication and industrialization, cats are much safer indoors.

  • Not Always Hungry.

Cats are amazing at pretending to be hungrier than they are. They know they have you wrapped around their little paws; experience has taught them that. But where food is concerned, your devotion to indulging their wants is not in their favour.

  • Brush together.

Dental health is as important for your cat as it is for you. You need to make sure you are cleaning your cat’s teeth on a regular basis. Yes, this means brushing your cat’s teeth. No, this is not fun but it is necessary—and will very likely save you money on vet bills in the long run. 

  • Humans=Huge useless cats.

Cats view humans as large, useless cats, not another species, and thus will treat you as such. They want to help feed you and bathe you because your cat skills are frightfully inadequate. 

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