They are one of the most popular varieties of the United States.. They were mainly bred to hunt so at times they may start to show up few characteristics of hunting. You will really delighted to add them as a family member. They have a very cute, funny and lively appearance. They have short legs with which they love to dig up and they do enjoy chasing up. They have been an interesting zone for cartoonists and for the toy makers also. They are loving and affectionate and they will become really very close to you. In fact, if they will feel ignorant then they can easily get jealous. Although they are loving they are brave and stubborn as well. They have beautiful eyes and an unsorted facial expression. They just love to bark more. They are three Dachshunds :

  1. Smooth dachshund: They are one of the most popular ones in the United States. They have shiny and shot coats. In winters you need to be careful with them as they may need sweaters. They have beautiful patterns in their coat. The colors found in this breed are red, cream, black and tan, black and cream, chocolate and tan, blue and tan, fawn and tan.
  2. Long haired Dachshund: They have a sleek and wavy coat. Their coat needs to be brushed frequently. They are more submissive as compared to smooth Dachshund. The colors found in this breed are red, cream, black and tan, black and cream, chocolate and tan, blue and tan, fawn and tan.
  3. Wirehaired Dachshund: They have short coats. They are thick and rough. Their eyebrows and beards should be brushed often. The colors found in this breed are red, cream, black and tan, black and cream, chocolate and tan, blue and tan, fawn and tan.


  • The height of the female Dachshund is from 8 inches to 9 inches.
  • The height of male Dachshund is from 8 inches to 9 inches.


  • The weight of female Dachshund is from 7.3 kg to 15 kg.
  • The weight of male Dachshund is from 7.3 kg to 15 kg.
  • The Dachshund's between 11 to 16 pounds are called tweenies.


They will be with you for 12 to 16 years.


They don't need to eat in bulk. You cannot make them eat for the whole day, you have to stick to a schedule and divide the meal between two times a day. They need 1/2 to 1 and a 1/2 cups of high-quality dry food in a day.

But with this, I would even tell that the need for a dog's body varies from one dog to another because that depends completely on their physical needs. If your dog is sporty and an active one, then, of course, he will need more food than others. So it's important to watch out your dog and accordingly develop up their eating habits.

It's important to feed your pet with the right quantity and quality of food to help them grow in the best manner they may can.

You should never share human food with your pet because that may contain elements which can be toxic for your pet for example potatoes, chocolates, etc.


Training them properly is very important and in that training, it is important to socialize them as early as possible because in case if they are not socialized soon then they may develop aggression towards other animals and especially of the same gender. They need 2.5 miles of walks daily. They need frequent exercise and play time to be busy. Because in case they are bored then that may result in aggression. They should even get crate training. They have a lot of energy and stamina.


First and the most important thing about their ear and face is that they should be kept clean and dry always. You can clean them with baby wipes so as to keep them infection free. Always keep their ear moisture free because bacteria may attack them and they may face severe infection. Yes, another thing is you cannot make them overeat because overeating will spoil their health and behavior.



  • In this condition, the bones don't fit into the hip joint.
  • The dog will have pain and will be low on rear legs. 


  • These dogs are prone to back issues.
  • Maybe it is their genetic cause.


  • This disease causes blindness in the dog.
  • It is the habit of a dog to catch sensations that compensate a bit to their blindness.


  • In this disease, a hormone called cortisol is produced at a higher rate.
  • They are produced more due to an imbalance in the pituitary gland.


In this bloating happens which can be a life-threatening thing. In this, the dog is not able to vomit out the extra air in his stomach.