Arthritis is one of the most common problems in senior or middle-aged pets. Even the younger dogs and cats suffer from Arthritis under the right circumstances. It causes changes in the affected joints that are painful for the pet.  If you figure this kind of problem in your pet then first talk to your vet. Here are few signs of Arthritis in pets-

Spinal Issues-

Arthritis not only occurs in legs but in various parts of the spine too. Due to this, your pet can suffer from a sore neck, an abnormal posture with a hunch in the back and lameness in both or one hind legs.


Your pet may seem tired all the time. They will not go for a walk and avoid participating in any kind of physical activity. They may spend time sleeping and resting.


Pets might get irritated easily. They may snap or bite when tried to approach and mainly if the pet handling takes place in a manner that causes pain to them.

Muscle Atrophy

Pets suffering from arthritis may suffer from muscle atrophy or dying off of the muscle tissue due to inactivity and decreased use to muscles. The pet suffering from muscle atrophy might have thin legs than normal legs.

Licking, Chewing and Biting

Pets suffering from arthritis may begin to lick, chew and bite in different body areas that are painful. This may cause the problem of inflamed skin and hair loss over the affected area.


You may notice your pet suffers from the problem of Limping that is favoring one or more of his legs, depending on which legs and which joints suffer from arthritis. The pets avoid any movements due to pain and discomfort.

Keep an eye on your pet check that if they are suffering from arthritis. Take good care and save your pet from the problem of arthritis.