Due to the improved veterinary care and dietary habits now pets are living longer than before. A research was conducted on the problems faced by older pets and how their owners and veterinarians can handle their special needs in the best possible way.  The highlights of this research are –

Generally, it varies but small dogs and cats are considered senile at the age of 7 The larger breeds of dogs are considered senile when they are approximately 6 years of age. There are calculations that can help put a pet’s age in human terms.

If your pet is getting older and you want to keep them happy and healthy then consult the vet for their health-related issues. The senior pets require extra attention and some changes in their daily routine.

Before any medical changes, behavioral changes are the indicators that reflect the changes in older pets.  The possible behavior changes can be increased irritability, anxiety, change in the sleep cycle, etc. Mostly the canines become senile due to life-threatening diseases.

The common health problems which affect older pets like cancer, heart disease, kidney, liver, diabetes, joint or bone disease, and weakness.

The symptoms of kidney disease are increased thirst, increased urination, vomiting, and sore mouth. Similarly, if your doggo suffers from heart disease problems like coughing, difficulty breathing, decreased appetite are the symptoms.

 Now cancer is becoming common in pets also. But in them, the rate of cancer increases with age.  If we compare both the dogs and cat then dogs suffer from cancer earlier than the cats. The diagnosis of cancer is done through X-Rays, Blood-tests, or physical appearance of tumors.

Take good care of your pet and prevent them from any life-threatening disease and take them to the vet on regular intervals for the full check-up.