Spaying refers to the procedure of removing the ovaries of female dogs and while it is a healthy practice abroad, it is yet to catch up in India. Although, this is an invasive surgery, it has many benefits in the long run which override the immediate cost and problems. Today, we’re going to tell you about why Spaying your dog is a good idea and why this needs to become a medical habit instead of a choice-

More Freedom to Your Dog

Getting your bitch spayed will save her an you all the hassle of male dogs being attracted to her when she’s in heat. This becomes a big problem for pet owners when taking their pooch out for a walk. Female dogs attract unwanted attention, dogs end up fighting and its hard to control such a situation. Spaying gives you and your dog much more mobility and freedom.

Avoid health Complications

Spaying your dog is not only convenient but it can save your dog’s life. Avoid uterus related infections and complications like pyometra which is a life threatening disease and cancer of the mammary glands.

No Pregnancy, No Overpopulation

Every year thousands of pets are euthanized because of pet overpopulation. Spaying terminates the chance of pregnancy. Thus, your dog will not add to the pet population. Spaying isn’t just healthy but it makes good sense.

Zero Mess, Lots of Fun

It is a fact world knows, female dogs get periods just like Women. They go into 

‘Heat’ every 8 months or so and the business can get messy. Sanitary pads for dogs are expensive and very difficult to manage for new pet parents. Spaying eliminates the possibility of periods and saves you a lot of hard work.

So which is the best time for spaying your Dog?

Bigger dogs are much harder to spay than small puppies. The best time to get your dog spayed is close to 8 weeks of age. You can also undergo the procedure wen your dog is around 8-9 Months of age.

Consider Spaying, Its healthy, Convenient and a Good Habit overall.