Owning a pet can be really expensive, so there is no shame in admitting that you wish there was a way through which you could spend a little less on your beloved 4 pawed-friend. Food, vet bills, toys, medications, treats, grooming — they all add up to a pretty hefty bill. So, to help you with your expense we have found some tricks to cut down on expenses for your dog without cutting down on its health.

  1. Make Your Own Dog Toys

If your dog is a heavy chewer then you know that sometimes the toys you buy for them don’t even last a minute, so its best to make them on your own rather than buying them again and again and the added advantage that you will have when you are making them yourself is that you can actually use the durable material so it does not wear out soon.

  1. Bake your own dog treats

This is also a really great way of saving on your pet expenses. Moreover, it is nice knowing what exactly is going in your dog’s food and tailor it accordingly to make it healthier for your dog.

  1. Brush your dog’s teeth daily

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily can help you save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding the vet’s bill, as more than 85 % of dogs suffer from periodontal disease. Brushing the dog’s teeth can help cut down the chances of the disease.

In the end, there are times when you don’t have time to do everything yourself and at the same time you don’t want to spend a lot on your dog. In situations like this, you should reach out to BonBeno which is a pet care shop and provide heavy discounts on all the products.