While working in the office there are times when you are stressed out or face some problem. It is said that pets help to relieve your stress. Many of us could only dream of having a pet in the office to keep us company and lighten the mood when times get tough.  Here are some of the top reasons why enlisting a four legged friend for the office could be the best decision you could make-

Reduce Stress

How can you not feel relaxed when you look at the cheerful eyes of a cute pet? It’s instant stress buster and moreover all your stress goes away when there is a pet around. They are just too cute to handle.

Binds The Team Together

In offices people like to keep themselves to themselves. But this can change if suddenly a pet is introduced in the workplace. Suddenly everyone would want to be where the dog is and this brings them close. It will also become a shared interest among employees, creating a new point of conversation.

Encourages Healthy Living

 Creating a dog walking routine will encourage your employees to be active and get some fresh air. The reduced stress levels will also do everyone’s health a world of good.

Increases Productivity

Taking short breaks to spend some time with the dog could work as wonders for the employees. Giving a bit healthy break makes you feel refreshed and engaged.

So what are you still thinking? Adopt a pet in your office too and make your working environment fun and healthy. Let us know in the comment section about your pet-friendly working environment.