Be it Holi or Diwali, pets are always included in celebrations and festivities in Indian homes. Instead of enjoying these festivals and its celebrations, the pets are scared of them. Especially during the festival of Holi, the colours can cause side effects and illness to pets, puppies and stray dogs.

How to keep your pet safe in Holi?

  • Teach your kids and kids around the neighbour that putting colours on pets or any homeless stray animal can be dangerous for their health. Kid are better in understanding and they will make a point not to put colour on any pets or stray animals.
  • Don’t feed your pets with sweets and sugars.
  • If anyone has by chance applied colour on your pet or on any other stray animal, immediately use shampoo or bath them to remove the colour. If the irritation still continues, you can take your pet to a vet.
  • Try to protect as many stray animals as you can during the festival of Holi.

How does the festival of Holi and its colours affect your Pet’s Health?

  • You will see that pets have a habit of licking their body. If the colours are present on their body and they lick them, they might consume the chemicals that are present in the colours. The chemicals can cause serious health hazards like gastro-intestinal ailments and stomach diseases.
  • The chemicals in the colours include Mercury Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Aluminium Bromide and Lead Oxide that can cause allergy or skin irritation to pets.
  • The ill effects of colours are for a long time. The pets can face respiratory troubles or Nausea.
  • Wet colours and dry colours have traces of lead that can act as slow poison in the long run.
  • Colours and water balloons can cause temporary or even permanent damage to the eyes.
  • If your pet consumes the coloured water, it can be harmful.