As a cat owner, you always want your cat to be happy. Often this question comes in our minds whether our cat is happy or not. Every cat is an individual and they have their own way to express their happiness. But there are some universal cat clues which tell that your feline friend is happy. Read on to know 4 sure shot signs to know whether your cat is happy or not?

Body Language

The eyes, ears, fur and body positions indicate the feelings of cats. Happy cats hold whiskers slightly forward and fur smooth with tail relaxed. The relaxed contented cat rests with front paws tucked under, ears forward. Sudden dilation of the eyes indicates the arousal-happiness of a full food bowl. Similarly, there are many other ways through which cats express their emotions.


Usually, cats sleep more when they are depressed. But the sleep location preference can be an indication of their changed behavior. If your cat chooses you as her bedmate then it means that she enjoys your company and trusts you.


Cats who feel good and happy about themselves love to be well-groomed. Poor grooming is a sign of unhappiness. Grooming other cats or licking the owner also shows trust and a positive relationship. Cats happy with each other groom one another. 


Happy cats have a well-trained appetite. Your cat will enjoy their food happily. If you observe that your cat is avoiding food than there might be some problem with them.

These are the few common signs which reflect the happiness of the cat. Observe whether your cat is happy or not. We bet you can't see your cat unhappy either.