Having a nervous or scared dog can be challenging for a dog owner. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. There can be reasons behind this behavior of your dog, maybe he is born shy or had some bad experience that has made him fearful. Here are the few ways through which you can make your dog calm in panic situations-

Play Classical Music

Music usually attracts dogs and they respond to it accordingly. If your dog is being aggressive play classical music around him and this will make him calm down. The soothing classical music in the background will make him quite and he might go to sleep.

Teach A Mat Behavior

While giving your dog training teach them the mat behavior. Canines are taught the mat behavior to keep them calm and relax. There are times when things are going around them and they might get scared, at this time mat training helps them a lot.


Massage is a great way to relax for both humans and canines. It might happen that in the beginning the dog might not like the touch but as he realizes the effect he will enjoy it.

Add The Distance

If your dog is nervous about certain things, such as people, dogs or cars, adding distance between the object and your dog can help them relax. Move far enough away that your dog gets comfortable enough.

Be Consistent

Follow the same pattern with the canines. Nervous dogs might get more nervous if you keep changing the routine. Keeping your rules unchanged will help a nervous dog relax and be comfortable in your home.

Keep your dog cool, calm, relax and happy!!!