We know you love your dog and we are sure that the dog loves you too, but it all might change in a split of second when you are running to get a grip of your dog when he/she is running away from you as fast as they can just because they don’t want to bath. Bathing your dog can be really tiring and stressful as dogs, in general, don’t like to bath, but luckily for you, we have penned down some tips that you can use to make the bath-time fun for the dogs.

  1. Use warm water

Warm water is less likely to give a panic attack to your dog than a splash of cold water. You can also use a nylon towel in the base of the tub because when dogs panic more when their paws slip and lose traction.

  1. Don’t immerse your dog

Do not immerse your dog with running water, especially on the face as it will make the dog shiver. It’s better to use a washcloth on the face and snout of your dog as it is much less freighting then splashing water.

  1. Treat your dog while bathing

You should treat your dog for being calm and the study has proven that dogs do not panic or move a lot while eating so this will keep the dog calm and the bathing enjoyable.

The dogs are pretty hard to deal with when it comes to bathing, so it’s important to make the bathing as enjoyable for them as possible. BonBeno a pet care store can take care of everything when it comes to bathing and grooming of your dog.