Giving a bath to your dog is an amazing experience. But some pet parents see it as a problem to get their dog to a bath. Bathing your dog is a fun thing! You play with them while they shower with foamy dog shampoo. But there will be times when your fur friend wouldn’t be interested in having a bath. Well, this blog is all about how you can give an amazing bath to your fur friend when he’s not ready.

  • Getting ready for the dog’s bath time

Making your dog bath should be a fun thing for both the dog as well as the owner. A happy owner always equals to a happy dog. The best way to interest your dog for a bath is to have a dog toy for them which is specifically for the bathroom. Don’t try to trick them for a bath as sometimes they might become a fool but later they won’t trust you for anything.

  • Choosing the shampoo

Before taking the dog for a bath, it is recommended that you choose the type of shampoo. You can use a regular dog shampoo which you think is best for your dog. If your dog has some fleas, then you can use a flea bath shampoo. Artificial fragrances are not something that the dogs are a fan of so keep the fragrances of the shampoos natural like citronella, Jojoba Oil, Shea butter etc.

  • During bath time

Prepare well for the bath so that your dog is happily wagging his/her tail when in the bathtub. Always, keep a box of treats in the bathroom for them so that they are patient and are always looking forward to something. Make note of water temperature, it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. See, what your dog prefers shower baths or bucket/bathtub baths. Continuously talk to your dog while you are giving them a bath. Once the shampoo is removed, let your furry friend shake all the water and then dry him with a towel or dryer.

Don’t forget to give him a treat for being a nice boy and taking a bath!