Some jobs require frequent transfers and shifting places. While shifting homes is a Herculean task in itself, it becomes more difficult when you have a pet. So it’s important to plan about all the essentials that your pooch may need while traveling. The first thing to know is the mode of travel, are you traveling by car, train or airplane. Once you know this you can make the arrangements accordingly

Traveling by car

As it will be a long journey, look for appropriate seating where your pooch can sit for hours. Crate, carriers and seat belts can keep the pets in control. Restrain the carrier so that it doesn't bounce while the car is moving. Reserve the back seat of the car for your pets and ensure that pets do not move their heads outside the window. This can injure them or make them sick. Stop frequently to give your pet time to relax. When taking a break, make sure that you do not leave them alone in the car.

Traveling by air

When traveling by airplane get familiar with the terms and conditions of the airlines. Select the cabin for your pet and do ask the airlines for any additional charges. 

Traveling by train

Indian Railways allows you to transport your pets. You can take a reserved seat in the air-conditioned class coaches if you are traveling with a dog. Alternatively, the dogs will be transported along with the luggage in the brake van.

Here are a few tips that will help you in adjusting to a new place with your dog

  1.  Don’t make major changes in the daily routine

Your dogs may take time to adjust to a new place. You can make the task easy for him by not making major changes in the daily routine of your pooch. So, if your dog is used to getting up, going into the yard, eating breakfast and then going on a walk, try to follow that same pattern in the new place. If you have to change things up because of a new job or other commitments, try to keep as much of the old routine in place as possible for at least a couple of weeks. Once your dog has settled in, additional changes will be easier to handle.

     2.  Do not buy new stuff for your dog

It is a natural human urge to buy new stuff whenever you go to a new place, but for your dog’s sake try your best to control those urges. Make sure your dog gets comfortable in the new place before getting anything new for him

    3. Spend time with the dog

Lastly, don't forget to give your dog an extra amount of attention, love, and care. You may get busy as shifting is not easy but remember it’s as difficult for your dog too or maybe more. Make sure you are there for him whenever your dog needs you. 

Take out time from your schedule no matter how packed it is and spend some quality time with your dog and in no time he will enjoy his new home as much as you do.