The health of your dog is really important and a pet should be cared for just like you would take care of a human child, and sometimes even more because a human child can at least speak and tell his problem but a dog cannot. All he can do is make noises and it's your duty to understand them and know when the dog is whining about not having a walk and when is it crying in pain and is in urgent need to see a veterinarian.

  1. Difficulty breathing

Breathing is important for life and this is true for all the living beings and this includes dogs. After 3 minutes of not breathing you most beloved companion is gone. If you observe your dog having trouble breathing, making weird noises while breathing or puffing his lips while breathing then don’t think twice and rush your dog the veterinarian as soon as possible.

  1. Continuous vomiting

This can be a veterinarian emergency, especially if the vomited fluid contains blood. A dog who vomits once normally does not require any special care or treatment except a few hours of stomach rest but if the vomiting continues it can be a sign of infection and can be a symptom of major illness such as gastrointestinal obstruction.

  1. Seizers

A minor solitary seizer is not life-threatening but seizers normally come in clusters and every one of them is worse than the last one. In situations like this, it's important to visit the veterinarian immediately.

The health of your dog comes before anything and so you should always be observant about their health. Properly groomed and fed dogs fell sick less often than the dogs not taken care for. Bonbeno provides all the services for the grooming of your dog and products to feed them healthily so your dog stays fit and healthy.