As winter is around the corner, we want to curl up in sheets getting warm and fuzzy but certainly not everyone has this luxury. Unforgettably the ones who suffer a lot are stray dogs and cats that don’t have a home to call their own. We often find ourselves thinking about these four legged friends.

Many people wonder how they can help these animals during the rough winter months without bringing them into their homes. If the strays are too young, they need more care than usual. There is always basic care you can provide to them. Even if you cannot pet them, you can can the professionals for duty.

We have compiled 4 ways you can help stray cats and/or dogs when the weather gets dry and rough. 


If you see a feral cat or a stray dog, the first and foremost thing you should do is call your local rescue organization so they can take proper action and provide safe and secure shelter for them. Till the arrival of the team, you can look after the little furry friends. They may already be aware of the stray population in the area, but they may want to step in to trap, neuter and look after the health of them.


We understand that not everyone can keep pets at their home but finding a warm spot for them where they can get plenty of sunlight. A spot where they can sleep and eat would be one of the first steps that can be taken to look after them. A lot of effort isn’t needed, just a screened-in porch and a box and some blankets, or even just a box and a few towels to put out for the furry friends.


If you notice a stray in your area, It’s a really kind-hearted gesture to provide the stray animals a supply of fresh water and food outside. In winters, strays spend a lot of their time and energy searching for food and water sources, so having those readily available will allow them to conserve energy and stay warmer. 


In winters, animals tend to eat more, they use the energy to keep themselves warm so it’s alright if they are hungry more than usual or are looking out for more food from you. You can easily prepare some meals for them everyday. There are a lot of options available but you can find some economic and wholesome options to feed them here (for dogs) and here (for cats)

Furthermore, the world could use some extra kindness. Even if you have a pet, you can urge others to adopt strays so they can find warmth and shelter. Let’s join together in making the winters easier for the animals around.