A clean cat is a happy cat. From nail trimming to bathing, a little maintenance is very important for cats on a regular interval. There are some cats who do not like to be groomed. If your cat resists the grooming process then there might be some injury occurred to your cat. Take your cat to the professional groomer or veterinarian to have your cat groomed.

Bath Your Cat

Schedule the bath when your cat is at your mellow and have a small play session before the bath.  Trim the fluffy claws for your own protection and then give them the gentle rinse bath.

Brushing Your Cat

Brushing the cat removes the dirt, grease, and dead hair from her coat. It also helps to remove the skin flakes and stimulate blood circulation, improving the overall condition of her skin. One or two brushings are enough in a week.

Ear Care

Pets have sharp ears. They hear your every move in the house meticulously. Monitoring your kitty’s ears once per week for wax, debris and infection will help those sensitive sonar detectors stay perky and alert to your every move.

Paw And Nail Care

Cats need healthy feet to scratch and climb around the house. That’s why it’s important to regularly examine and clean your cat’s paws and make sure they’re wound-free.

Dental Care

Your cat needs clean, sharp teeth and healthy gums. Damage to the tongue, teeth, palate, and gums can lead to many health risks for felines, but these can be prevented with regular home check-ups and good old-fashioned brushings.