The most important question for the day, why do cats behave weird when we rub their belly? They claw and bite, but they also sleep on their back, what should we do?

As adorable as it is for your cat to show its belly, it isn’t necessarily a sign for a cat tummy rub.


The cat belly is a very vulnerable place. A host of vital organs sits mere millimeters under the skin of your cat’s tummy, and damage to any of them could be potentially fatal. Cats are therefore highly likely to guard their bellies from potential injuries.

When a cat belly is exposed, it means that your cat feels safe and comfortable around you. It is actually an abuse of that trust to stroke its belly. What the cat would you rather do is to give it a slight head rub.


Some Signals to look for are:

  • The greeting– when the cat walks towards you with its tail up, it means it is saying hello
  • The sign of trust– when the cat rolls on its back exposing its stomach it is showing it trusts you rather than wanting its belly rubbed.
  • The leg rub– when the cats rubs its head and body against your legs it is saying you smell strange and is trying to mark you with its scent
  • Flattened ears– when the cat flattens its ears it is frightened and needs somewhere to hide.
  • Licking of lips– while after eating this can just be it is cleaning itself, at other times it can be a sign of nausea or stress.
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