You must already have a pre conceived notion that street dogs are very different from pet dogs. The first picture that comes to your mind when you see a street dog, would be a wild dog running to bite someone. Isn’t it?

People generally assume that a street dog cannot be adopted or they may cause harm to us but the fact is different altogether. Not all street dogs are wild and unlike your belief they will certainly not come running behind you to attack.

Street dogs are as loving and warm as pet dogs and there is no harm in adopting them. There is no doubt about it that there must be some behavioral differences between the two because of the surroundings they have lived in but that doesn’t make a street dog unloving or unfit for adoption.

Stray dogs are as balanced as pet dogs and can adjust in new surroundings very fast. They just need a good owner who doesn’t scare them away and help them become more friendly to people. In fact, street dogs have the ability to survive in extreme conditions as they have a strong immunity which a pet dog doesn’t have.

The only major difference that is normally seen between the two is that pet dogs are properly vaccinated unlike street dogs. But that can be taken care of by giving street dogs proper vaccination and right kind of environment to grow in.

All in all, there is no huge difference between a street dog and a pet dog, except that they aren’t vaccinated. So, there is no harm in adopting a street dog once they are vaccinated and don’t worry, they won’t bite you.